Our approach

Do you want to have an infographic made or an (interactive) data visualization? Are you curious which data you have to provide and how we work? This are the fixed steps that we follow when we create an infographic or other visualization.

Infographic laten maken? Stap 1 - Voorbereiden en onderzoek

1. Briefing and research

Together with the client we discuss the needs, the purpose and the content of the infographic. We collect and analyze the necessary information and structure it. When the information is complete, we start by creating a visual concept.

Infographic laten maken? Stap 2 - Functioneel ontwerp

2. Visual concept

The visual concept is a digital sketch with which we make a proposal for the content and structure of the infographic, such as placement of texts and illustrations. We discuss the visual concept with the customer before we start with the graphic design.

Infographic laten maken? Stap 3 - Grafisch ontwerp

3. Graphic design

When the customer agrees with the proposed concept, we start with the graphic design. We work out the illustrations and icons and apply the corporate identity guidelines. We discuss the graphic design, after which there is room for a few small adjustments.

Infographic laten maken? Stap 4 - Oplevering

4. Delivery

We deliver the infographic as discussed at the beginning of the project. We like to follow the reach and the results. The lead time for creating an infographic is 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity and how quickly the customer gives feedback.

We can do more

In addition to infographics and data visualizations, we offer even more design solutions.

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